Arousan village, Arosan, Arusan

Farahzad Village, Isfahan, Iran
Farahzad village
September 17, 2020
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Arousan village, Arosan, Arusan

Arosan village, Arusan, Isfahan, Iran
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Village of Arousan is in Isfahan province and north of Khor and Biabank city. A remote and almost deserted village where the vitality of life has diminished for many years, but nothing has diminished its beauty and charm.

There are two Arousan villages in Isfahan province and Khor and Biabank region, so many people confuse the two. A Arousan in the south of Khor and Biyabank, near the village of Garmeh, and a village in the north, close to the village of Mesr. The village of Arousan, which we mean, is the second village, which is located in the north of Khor and Biyabank, near the village of Mesr.

To reach the village of Arousan, after leaving Khor and Biyabank to Mesr, in the middle of the road, a sign has marked the route of Arousan village. There is a smooth road in front of you that continues to a distant mountain slope. Parts of this road are washed away when it rains, so it is necessary to drive carefully.

After crossing the foot of the mountain, there is a crossroads that separates Mohammad-abad-e Koreh-e-Gaz village with the signs of Arousan. The choice of these roads depends on the weather conditions and it is better to consult with locals in advance. Both paths lead to Arousan, but one is shorter and, of course, more inappropriate. Part of the route crosses a seasonal river that can be dangerous if it rains.

The whole route is about 30 km from the beginning of the road, and after this distance, which takes a little over an hour, an amazing village will appear in front of the eyes. A village that is seen as a green jewel in the middle of a dry plain. The number of houses in the village is high, but currently only one elderly couple is a permanent resident of the village. The rest of the residents visit the village seasonally to do agricultural work.

There is a pond in the middle of the village and it is surrounded by various trees. The lush view of the village and its old texture is very beautiful.
Arousan is located on one side of the mountain and on the other side overlooks a vast plain. Due to its special appearance, the village of Arousan has been highly regarded by tourists, especially foreign tourists, in recent years, so that in the neighboring village called Mohammad-abad Koreh-gaz, accommodation and amenities have been created for reception. If you decide to visit this village one day, be sure to drive carefully and note that there is almost no telephone connection anywhere in the village.

Mehdi Gholami.

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