Mohammadabad Koreh Gaz village

Arosan village, Arusan, Isfahan, Iran
Arousan village, Arosan, Arusan
September 18, 2020
Khor salt lake, Isfahan, Iran
Khor Salt Lake
September 19, 2020

Mohammadabad Koreh Gaz village

mohammad abad koreh gaz village, Isfana, Iran
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The story of Mohammadabad Kore Gaz village is a romantic but real story in a remote village. In the not so distant years when life was still going on in this village, a young man named Abdolhossein fell in love with one of the girls in his village. But they do not marry and Abdul Hussein chooses to be alone forever. Years later, when the village of Mohammadabad becomes a difficult place to live due to the drought, the villagers choose the city one by one, and the only one left is Abdulhussein. He lives in a lonely village until the end of his life so that the name of this village will be immortalized.



Abdulhussein is no longer alive, but the village of Mohammadabad Koreh-e-Gaz has become a popular place for tourists today with the same memory and story, so that its unsuitable and long road has not prevented him from visiting this village.


Mohammadabad Kureh Gaz is located at the end of the road that separates the border between Khor and Biabank city and the village of Mesr to the north. Along this road is the village of Arousan, which is a beautiful example of desert villages in Iran. After Arousan village, there is a distance of about 7 km from Mohammadabad village.


The village is now uninhabited and no one lives there except the farmers who sometimes come to their farms to rebel. But the presence of suitable water and farm has made it, like many other villages, a small paradise in the midst of burning sand. Small but beautiful gardens and semi-abandoned houses together are so attractive that they attract many tourists.


Due to the welcome of tourists, a residence has been built in this village and it is possible to spend the night  far of the city and in deep silence. There is no big city or settlement for miles.


It is not possible to connect to a mobile phone and the only electricity available is from solar cells. All this together is a perfect example of an old Iranian life.


Mehdi Gholami.

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