Khor Salt Lake

mohammad abad koreh gaz village, Isfana, Iran
Mohammadabad Koreh Gaz village
September 18, 2020
Chal Selkanon, Isfahan, Iran
Chal Selkanun
September 19, 2020

Khor Salt Lake

Khor salt lake, Isfahan, Iran
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Isfahan is not only in the field of antiquities and culture but also one of the richest provinces in terms of natural attractions in Iran. The diversity and quality of rural and desert attractions of this province can be seen in fewer provinces.


The existence of deserts with diverse landscapes is one of the reasons for the importance of this province. Among these deserts, there are many salt lakes, which are some of the largest in Iran. Aran and Bidgol salt lake and Khara salt lake are among these rich sources of edible and mineral salt.
At the eastern end of Isfahan province and between Khur and Biabanak city and Tabas, a stunning view of one of the largest salt lakes in Iran can be seen. This vast lake starts about 30 km after the Khor and Biabanak. The white color of salt in contrast to the blackness of the soil in places with less salt has created a beautiful image.


You do not need to get away from the main road to see the lake. You can get out of the car and explore the lake anywhere you want. However, more caution is required during rainy season due to loosening of the soil and salt of the lake. In parts of the lake, the phenomenon of salt octagon formation is most beautifully seen. Neat octagons that extend to the horizon and can hold beautiful photos.


In a part of the lake, there is a salt mine for extraction and it shows the acceptable quality of mineral salt in this lake. This mine was created to extract potash, which is a valuable mineral. For this purpose, large ponds have been created along the lake to evaporate salt.


Today, the salt lake has attracted a lot of tourists and nature lovers. The main reason is its proximity to certain tourist destinations such as the Mesr desert or the city of Tabas. Mesr village tours can reach this spectacular point in a short distance and take advantage of its existence. The best time to visit the salt lake is around sunset, when the reflection of sunlight can create beautiful scenery.


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