Khara Salt Lake

Khara Desert, Varzaneh, Isfahan, Iran
Khara Desert
September 17, 2020
Gavkhoni wetland, Varzaneh, Isfahan, Iran
Gavkhoni Wetland
September 17, 2020

Khara Salt Lake

Khara Salt Lake, Varzaneh, Isfahan
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One of the natural attractions of Isfahan province, which is located near the city of Varzaneh, is a large salt lake known as Khara Salt Lake. The reason for this naming is that the lake is located next to a village of the same name.



Salt lakes are typically the lowest points in a geographical area that are formed by the accumulation of salt. These salts are washed away by the rain and surface water from the surrounding lands and gradually accumulate in the form of salt layers over thousands of years, eventually creating a large source of edible and mineral salts.


There are many examples of salt lakes in the central part of Iran, among which Aran and Bidgol salt lakes, Khor salt lake, Meighan salt lake are perhaps the most well-known. These salt lakes are clearly used economically. That is, depending on the compounds found in the salt, mines are built for extraction. Khara Salt Lake is no exception to this rule and due to the high quality of salt produced; It is widely used. But one of the uses of salt lakes, which has become very important today, is its tourism, because it is very popular with nature lovers due to the different landscapes that can be seen in them.


Khara Salt Lake is also an important tourist destination due to its location next to Khara and Varzaneh deserts and attracts many tourists. To visit this lake, you must first find the village of Hassan-abad and reach the village of Khara with the guidance of the signs. From Khara village, a road will lead you to the salt mine. Along the way, desert shrubs as well as tall sands will accompany you almost to the end of the path.


Towards the end of the route and near the salt mine, the road is sometimes covered with sand, so crossing it may not be suitable for all types of vehicles. After reaching the mine and with the permission of the guard, you can enter the lake and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and its various shapes. In low and dry seasons, most parts of the lake can be visited by car. But when it rains, parts of the route are washed and it is not possible to cross them. Salt Hexagon is one of the attractions of salt lakes that can be seen in most lakes and can be enjoyed here as well.


Mehdi Gholami.

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