Chal Selkanun

Khor salt lake, Isfahan, Iran
Khor Salt Lake
September 19, 2020
Takht aros desert, Isfahan, Iran
Takht-e-Arous Desert
September 19, 2020

Chal Selkanun

Chal Selkanon, Isfahan, Iran
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There are many attractions in Khor and Biyabank area, all of which require several days to see. A significant part of these attractions are located in the north of Khor and Biyabank, near the village of Mesr. The village of Mesr is one of the most important sights in Isfahan province and of course all of Iran, which attracts countless Iranian and foreign tourists every year.


At the end of the road that connects Mesr to Farahzad, there is a large hole with a different view. A large pit known to the locals as the Chal Selkanun (Selkanun pit). Chal Selkanun is located in the south of the Great Central Desert of Iran and in the north of the village of Mesr. Pits are depressions that are lower than the surrounding area. Chal Selkanun is a beautiful depression that is surrounded by sand dunes and has created beautiful landscapes. There is a small swamp in the inner part of the Selkanun where some water collects during the rainy season. The bottom of the pit does not have any vegetation and in some places the presence of salt has caused a white coating in it.


To reach Chal Selkanun, you have to move north from the village of Mesr. After passing through Farahzad village, he entered the crossroads of Chal-e-Selkanun and after a distance of about 3 km, the view of pit can be seen. Under normal circumstances, you can drive to the side of Selkanun with a normal car, but due to the unsuitability of the road, it is better to cross with caution and low speed.


The reason for naming this area Selkanun was the devastating flood of the Mesr village in 1976, which created a huge lake in this area. The word simplified is the word “Sail Kanoon” (Made by flood), which refers to this region.

After visiting Chal Selkenun, if you wish, you can continue the same route and visit the great sands of Takht-e Abbasi. Of course, from now on, SUV car is needed because the probability of getting stuck in the sandbox is high.


There are many accommodation facilities in the villages of Mesr and Farahzad near Chal Selkanun, which you can use safely and calmly. It is also possible to use special desert climbing machines for touring the Selkanun pit and Takht-e Arous.


Mehdi Gholami.

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