Genu Hot Spring, Geno Spa, Zebra fish

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Genu Hot Spring, Geno Spa, Zebra fish

Genu Hot Spring, Hormozgan, Iran
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Genu is one of the hot springs of Hormozgan province, which is located about 30 km north of Bandar Abbas and on the Hajiabad road. This spring with its hot water and many healing properties mentioned for it is one of the most popular tourist spots in this province. Genu spring water with sulfur compounds is useful in relieving and improving some diseases such as skin diseases and rheumatism.






Genu region, with its temperate climate compared to other regions of Hormozgan province, welcomes tourists in all seasons who travel to take advantage of the cool climate of this region. Genu hot spring is now built as a residential and welfare complex in a large area and is available to tourists. The presence of a hotel, amusement park and separate hot water pools for men and women are among the features of this large complex.

Genu hot water comes out of the ground somewhere in the middle of the complex. This place is surrounded by a glass shield and its water is transferred directly to the hot water pools. The water outlet of the pools, which also has a relatively large flow, is transferred to the downstream of the complex and a natural area.

At first glance, this is just a modern tourist complex and is not very attractive for nature lovers. But with the continuation of the path of hot water streams and leaving the complex environment, a pristine and beautiful atmosphere appears. Hot water streams of different colors with colored sediments flow beautifully on the surface and finally enter a shallow valley and are transferred to downstream villages for agricultural use. There are beautiful gardens of palm trees at the end of the trail.

Another feature of the Genu hot spring is the presence of a native fish that lives only in these areas. This small fish lives in the streams of this hot water and can be seen with a little search. This fish is known as a Zebra-fish.

The access road to the Genu hot spring is clear despite the signposts along the way and can be easily reached, and with its hotel as well as suitable camping spaces, it is also a good place to stay overnight. After visiting the complex and using the hot water, you can take a short walk along the outflow streams to reach the fish habitat, which is in shallow streams.
At the end of the path and near the valley, there are old structures that are worth visiting. It is also possible for people interested in mountaineering to climb Genu Peak, which of course requires high physical fitness as well as a guide.


Mehdi Gholami.

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