Giri Konar Cave

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September 29, 2020
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September 29, 2020

Giri Konar Cave

Behdeh Cave, Parsian, Hormozgan
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Iran is a land of dryness and water shortage, and for this reason, access to and supply of water has always been a great challenge for Iranians. Meanwhile, the residents of the southern and neighboring provinces of the Persian Gulf are no exception to this rule and have always sought solutions to solve this problem for many years. The digging of canals and water storage wells in Qeshm has been an example of these successful efforts.



Near the city of Parsian and in the distance between this city and Bandar Lengeh, there is a village called Behdeh, which is famous for having a handmade cave. This cave has been dug to transfer water from the mountainous areas south of the village and is unique in its kind. This cave is known in the local language as Giri Konar or Behdeh.


The side is dug like an aqueduct and has vertical wells at the top. The diameter of the water channel is large and indicates that a significant volume of water passed through it at times.


Sitting next to a very beautiful cave, which doubles in rainy season due to the accumulation of some water in it. Of course, the accumulation of water makes it a little difficult to enter and visit the cave.


There is not much distance from Behdeh village to the cave and you can go to the side of the cave by car. Visiting the whole cave does not take much time. Because the space is not large and long. The entrance of the cave is very large and the space inside it is bright enough that it does not need a flashlight.


The end of the cave is blocked due to the collapse of the roof and it is not possible to cross it. But from above, you can see the passage of water to the village of Behdeh.


Mehdi Gholami.

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