Salt Mine of Garmsar

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Salt Mine of Garmsar

Salt mine Garmsar,
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Salt in its various forms is one of the most important attractions in Iran. The presence of salt lakes everywhere in Iran is an example of such sights.
Near Garmsar in Semnan province, there is a large area covered with salt domes, which in addition to providing salt is known as one of the tourist attractions of this region.


To visit this area, after Ivanaki and about 20 km before Garmsar, you have to enter a special route for salt mines. After a short walk there is a sign that shows one of the old salt mines. The mine is currently abandoned and used only for tourists to visit.


An important feature of Garmsar salt mines is their greatness and large and unimaginable space. Spaces that have been dug for salt extraction and can be seen in less similar places. Smooth walls with large columns that protect the roof from collapsing are the characteristics of these mines.


There are many salt mines in this area, but most of them are being used and it is not possible to visit them. Each of the mines also has its own unique appearance features. It can be seen in some pools of water, which has added to their attractiveness.


In addition to physical beauty, salt mines are also used in medical fields. It is believed that breathing in these salt-saturated spaces is useful in curing and treating some diseases, including respiratory diseases. For this reason, investing in such fields can be more profitable for the operators of these mines.


In the outer space of the mines, colorful crystals of salt in combination with other minerals can be seen. Excursions among these crystals can also be another attraction to visit these salt mines.


Mehdi Gholami.

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