Hormoz Valley of Statues

Mofanaq Beach, Hormoz Island
Mufanaq Beach of Hormoz
September 24, 2020
Gate of the sea hormoz
Turtle Beach of Hormoz
September 24, 2020

Hormoz Valley of Statues

Statue Valley hormoz Island, Hormozgan, Iran
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Hormoz Island is a rich source of all geological phenomena and in all over of the island you can find beautiful tourist attractions for nature lovers. Hormoz Island has many different attractions. Colorful mountains, cliffs formed over thousands of years and magnificent salt rocks have made the island of Hormuz a spectacular destination.

One of the most important destinations on Hormoz Island is a beautiful valley on the southwest coast, which has stones with strange and unusual shapes that attracts the attention of visitors to the island. It is known as the Valley of Sculptures or the Valley of Statues on the island of Hormuz.

With a few hundred meters of walk to the beach, on the way where the silver sands attract attention, stones of different shapes can be seen. Each of these amazing stones is likened to an animal by the imagination of the viewer; One is a sheep’s head, the other is a chicken and a rooster, and there are many dragon-like stones in different positions. These rocks are the result of thousands of years of erosion on the rocks of the island, which has created these strange landscapes.

The end of this valley leads to a high and scary precipice, which is one of the attractions of this valley, and strange rocks can be seen with the perspective of this precipice and the turquoise beach.

To visit the Valley of the Sculptures, a short walk is necessary, which is passable for all people, and at the end of the path, after passing through a relatively narrow corridor, a relatively large space full of different shapes appears. Visiting the precipice requires a bit of courage and adventure and it is better to do it with caution because due to the high height of the precipice, it is a dangerous place and there is a possibility of danger.

In this valley, unlike other parts of Hormoz Island, there is no news of various colors and there is more of a sense of adventure in it. At the beginning of the trail, the name of Robinson Crusoe on a sign next to a cafe, calling for an adventure on the island is full of wonders.

Mehdi Gholami.

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