Turtle Beach of Hormoz

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Hormoz Valley of Statues
September 24, 2020
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Rainbow Cave of Hormoz
September 25, 2020

Turtle Beach of Hormoz

Gate of the sea hormoz
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Turtles are among the most sensitive creatures in the sea that need a safe environment on the beach to lay their eggs. An environment with a sandy beach that is out of reach of animals and humans so that they can lay eggs in peace and their children can return to the sea without any problems.

Naturally, in the current situation where most of such beaches are occupied by humans, these beneficial organisms in the sea have a lot of problems for reproduction and their habitats have been drastically reduced.

In order to protect these creatures, places along the shores of the Persian Gulf have been designated as habitats for turtles to lay eggs by environmental activists. One of these places is located on the island of Hormuz and because of its difficult access is known as a paradise for turtles to lay eggs.

This beach is sheltered by high walls that make it difficult to reach, and for this reason it is called Turtle Beach or Turtle Wall. Turtle Beach is a pristine sandy beach that can only be reached by sea and by boat due to the lack of land access. This beach can be seen from the top of its walls and enjoy its unique view.

This beach is located in the southeastern part of the island and is about 10 km from Hormoz city, which can be covered in about 15 minutes by car or motorcycle inside the island.

Seawater has eroded the turtle beach walls over time, and as a result, these walls are not very strong. It is better to avoid getting too close to the edges of the precipice when visiting this point so that there is no possibility of an accident.

Mehdi Gholami.

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