Isfahak village 

Tagh Abbasi Dam,
Shah-Abbasi Dam 
September 19, 2020
Naybandan Village, Tabas,
Nayband village
September 19, 2020

Isfahak village 

Esfahak Village, Tabas, South Khorasan, Iran
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Today, rural tourism has become one of the most important branches of tourism and has attracted special enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the old villages, which have still been able to preserve their traditional texture, are more important and more attractive. One of the regions in Iran that has been able to preserve this type of traditional texture well is the desert parts of central Iran, which includes famous villages. 

Tabas is one of the old and special cities in South Khorasan, which is one of the popular options for tourism due to its unique historical and natural attractions. In this city, apart from the historical monuments, unique natural attractions and desert, villages are a relic of the past, each of which shines like a jewel on this waterless land.

One of these beautiful villages is Isfahak, which is located about 38 km east of Tabas and on the way to another famous village called Nayband. The village of Isfahak in South Khorasan is a masterpiece that parts of it were able to survive the deadly earthquake in Tabas in 1978. Isfahak with its texture of clay and mud as an attractive and historical tourist destination hosts many travelers.

The architectural structure of Isfahak village in Tabas is completely compatible with desert areas and the materials used to build these historic houses are all made of clay and mud. In addition to the traditional texture and architecture of the village, the presence of lush gardens is another factor for the charm of this village and you can spend hours walking through the alleys of those gardens in the past.

The access road to the village is easy and close to the main road. After visiting this village, you can visit Nayband village and also the hot spring of Dig-e Rostam. Due to the large number of tourists who visit this village, suitable welfare and accommodation facilities have been created, where you can stay overnight if you wish.

Mehdi Gholami.

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