Nayband village

Esfahak Village, Tabas, South Khorasan, Iran
Isfahak villageĀ 
September 19, 2020
Dig rostam hot spring
Dig-e Rostam Hot Spring
September 19, 2020

Nayband village

Naybandan Village, Tabas,
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In one of the most remote parts of Tabas, there is a village with a different appearance from all the surrounding villages and even Iran. A village with stepped architecture but not as seen in other stepped villages of Iran such as Masouleh and Sar-agha Seyed. The houses of this village are in the form of cubes with unusual shapes that bear no resemblance to the usual houses in this area and anywhere in Iran. At first glance, this village does not seem to be in Iran.

Nayband is about 200 km away from Tabas city, but this long distance has not caused this village to be far from the eyes of tourists and interested nature lovers, and today it is known as one of the important tourist destinations around Tabas. To reach Nayband village, you have to drive a little more than 2 hours to Ravar in Kerman province. This village is near the main road and can be easily reached inside the village. There are many signposts along the way to reach this village.

Nayband village is currently divided into two parts with old texture and new village downstream. You will see a normal village when you enter, and then you will gradually see the old texture of the village along the way.
The old texture of Nayband village is located on top of a low mountain and is made of a large number of cubic houses with special architecture. Houses are usually more than one floor high and therefore the height of the houses is higher than an old village.

Around the village there are several watchtowers with a beautiful appearance that to enter them, you have to cross a narrow wooden bridge carefully. To enter the towers, you have to go through a very small door that has a large stone to block them. These towers seem to have been used for a long time for guarding and perhaps war.

But the attractive view of this village should be seen from below and from inside the gardens and palm trees. The village is surrounded by beautiful gardens that are like a yellow jewel on a green ring. It is difficult to enter the village except for the main entrance, which shows that the security of its inhabitants is a priority and this place has not been chosen for no reason. The whole village is practically a strong fortress that cannot be entered and attacked from any side.

Today, Nayband village is an important destination for domestic and foreign tourists, and for this reason, welfare and accommodation facilities have been created in it. If you want to stay in this village, you can use the accommodations that are ready to receive travelers. 

One of the sights near Nayband village is a hot spring called Dig Rostam. After visiting Nayband village, you can visit this beautiful spring with a short distance.

Mehdi Gholami.

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