Dig-e Rostam Hot Spring

Naybandan Village, Tabas,
Nayband village
September 19, 2020
Ashtiyan Village, Chupanan, Isfahan, Iran
Ashtian village
September 19, 2020

Dig-e Rostam Hot Spring

Dig rostam hot spring
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Tabas, as one of the tourism hubs in Iran, has shown almost every kind of attraction. In this area you can see salt lakes, old and green villages and even beautiful valleys. But a different sight that exists in less parts of Iran is a hot spring in the south of Tabas and at a distance of about 200 km from this city.




At first glance, the hot spring does not seem to be a very important attraction. Because in many parts of Iran and even near Tabas, this type of hot springs can be seen a lot. Like the spring of Morteza Ali which is located near the village of Kharv. But after visiting this spring, it becomes clear that it is different.

The characteristic of Dig-e Rostam hot spring is that the water coming out of it is hot. A feature that exists in the few hot springs throughout Iran. The water of this spring is so hot that momentary contact with the skin can cause burns. The water coming out of the earth is so hot that the resulting steam is spread over a large area.

The spring of Dig-e-Rostam rises almost from the highest point of a dome-shaped hill, which is very surprising. Because water usually has to come out of the lower points. The volume of water output is not large and after a few meters it spreads over a large area. Sediments caused by this water have created various colors on this surface of the earth, which has added to the attractiveness of the spring.

To see this spring from the place of getting out of the car, you have to walk on a sloping path for about 10 minutes. It is difficult to find the source due to the lack of guidance signs. But the lush surroundings of the spring can be a good sign to find it.

At the bottom of the spring and at the end of the road, a hot water pool has been built for public use and spring water can be used in this place. Because there is no place for body water upstream and outlet.

Mehdi Gholami.

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