Ashtian village

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Ashtian village

Ashtiyan Village, Chupanan, Isfahan, Iran
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Urban life is not in the nature of mankind and for this reason he tries at every opportunity to spend hours in peace by escaping from the city and its crowds. Of course, in the meantime, many villages have been abandoned for various reasons, including the lack of water and amenities, and many are being abandoned. However, tourism as an engine of development has come to the aid of some of these abandoned and semi-abandoned villages and has caused life to continue in these villages, albeit in a small way.



Ashtian village is located in the east of Isfahan province and between Anarak and Chupanan. A village that was abandoned until a few years ago and no one lived in it. But since some tourists became interested in this village, some villagers have worked hard and rebuilt some houses in the style of their past so that prosperity can return to the village business and tourists can spend a night in the silence of this village. 


Ashtian is a village under siege, and if the tourism industry had returned the business to the village, perhaps a village called Ashtian would have been buried under the sand. But now this village has come back to life thanks to hope and of course its aqueduct and water well. 


Ashtian is located close to the Chupanan and the village can be easily reached with the guidance of signs. Before entering the village, the view of the sand dunes along the road with dense arched trees is a pleasant welcome. Ashtian is a small village and a street divides it into two parts. The north and south of the village are surrounded by agricultural lands and after the lands there are high sand dunes.


One of the places to enter Rig-e Jen desert is this village. For this reason, Ashtian has recently attracted the attention of many nature lovers. Another attraction of the village is the large flat land known as “Daq“. This land is a lake bed that may have been in the distant past. The perimeter of Daq is surrounded by sand dunes, creating an attractive landscape.


Mehdi Gholami.

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