Anjili Forest and Valila Waterfall

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September 19, 2020
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Anjili Forest and Valila Waterfall

Anjili Forest
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Anjili (evangelical) is a species of tree that is found in the forests of northern Iran. In addition to its applications in the wood industry, this tree is highly regarded by nature lovers due to its attractive appearance. The leaves of this tree have various and dazzling colors in different seasons, especially in autumn, and for this reason, more attention is paid to the areas where this tree grows.

One of the forests where the evangelical tree can be seen is a forest in the Savadkuh area near a village called Valila. This forest is known as the evangelical forest due to the existence of this type of tree among nature lovers and attracts many tourists in all seasons, especially in autumn, and there are many agencies and nature groups in the itinerary.

The walk of this forest is short and less than an hour, which extends on gentle slopes to a valley with a small river. There is a relatively high waterfall along the river, which is another reason for the attractiveness of this route and this forest. Of course, to reach Valila waterfall, a little adventure is needed, and if you are not physically fit, it is better to just see the evangelical forest.

To reach the evangelical forest from Ziraab city, pay attention to the signposts that lead you to the Lajim Tower. Shortly before reaching Lajim Tower, another signpost marked the route of Valila village. The whole route from Ziraab city to Valila village is about 22 km. After Valila village, the tracking path starts, which of course requires guidance or the use of navigation tools.

The Anjili forest and Valila waterfall are the best travel suggestions for those nature lovers who want to take short day trips in a calm and forested environment, because the location of the forest and waterfall in the middle of low-sloping hills with low altitude makes this possible. It makes you walk on a fascinating path through the forest. There is a waterfall and a river at the end of the trail can also provide a good place to relax and have fun for a few hours.

To visit this route, you will definitely need tracking shoes and some water and food. Also, after visiting this forest, you can visit Lajim Tower, which is near this forest.

Mehdi Gholami.

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