Ghost Lake, Arvah Lagoon

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September 20, 2020
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September 20, 2020

Ghost Lake, Arvah Lagoon

Ghost Lake, Mamraz
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Lakes are one of the most important tourist attractions. The presence of water in the form of lakes, especially lakes with trees next to them, encourages tourists, and for this reason, such lakes are always considered.

Ghost Lake is one of the lakes located in the middle of a dense forest and for this reason it is one of the tourist attractions that is considered by professional nature lovers and many nature groups visit it throughout the year. The scenery of this lake, especially in the days when the fog covers the lake, is similar to the scenes that are included in movies to instill fear, and perhaps the use of the name of the ghost lake is not unrelated to this induction of fear.

There are a lot of broken trees in the water, which has created a strange landscape. These trees are of the hornbeam type and for this reason it is also called Hornbeam Lake (Mamraz lake). The presence of water causes these trees to rot over time, and the cause of the destruction of these trees is actually a lot of water. The lake is about 300 meters long and about 70 meters wide. Many parts of the lake can be reached on foot and enjoy the view.

To reach this lake at 12 km of Noor to Nowshahr city route, after passing the village of Vanush, a road with a length of about 3 km must be traveled. At the end of this road on the left there is a guard on the way to the lake. This gate is normally closed, but it is possible to pass through this place by talking to the guard.

From here, the unsuitable but passable forest road starts, which eventually leads to the lake. Of course, the last kilometre is usually washed away by the seasonal rains and you should expect a short walk along this route. The whole route from the guard to the lake is about 12 km, which can be done at low speed in one hour.

After guarding and all the way to the ghost lake, there are no amenities. Therefore, before moving to this area, bring all the necessities you need. Note that the guard only allows you to cross at certain times and only during the day, and to return you must leave the lake before sunset.

Mehdi Gholami.

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