Baliran Forest and Garou Spa

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Baliran Forest and Garou Spa

Baliran Garu Hot Spring Spa
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Baliran is the name of a village near Amol, on the Amol to Babol road. The village is the last point of a forest road, followed by the pristine nature and untouched forests of Alborz.



A river passes through the village of Baliran, and if it goes along the river and in the opposite direction, there are beautiful forests, which are known as the Baliran forest. A forest with a variety of wild trees and forest fruits where walking will be attractive for any nature lover. This forest has its own charms in all seasons, but in autumn it is more welcomed by tourists due to the variety of tree colors.


At a distance of about 5 km from the village of Baliran and in the middle of the forest, there is a hot spring which is another attraction of this forest.
A hot spring is always attractive as a tourist destination and attracts many enthusiasts. But most of Iran’s hot springs are out of pristine form and with modern constructions have become new pools and do not feel like they are in a natural hot water. But the Baliran hot spring are still untouched and only by creating a natural pool have they made it possible to swim and bathe.


The hot water of Baliran forest, which is known as Garou hot water, is one of the sulfur hot springs, so that the smell of sulfur can be felt from hundreds of meters before the spring. This hot spring does not have a high temperature and is only a few degrees warmer than the river downstream, but just a few degrees is enough to enjoy it. Especially in the cold seasons of the year, the difference between air temperature and spring water will be significant and pleasant.


Spring water is carbonated and after entering the water, gas bubbles can be felt on the skin. Therapeutic properties of the sludge around the spring are also mentioned and many people travel this long way to use this sludge.
There are several other small springs near Garou, but there is no possibility of swim in them. Local names are mentioned for them and the largest of them is known as Lalehzar.


Garou mineral water spring is completely natural and is located in an enclosed space. For this reason, women use it with restrictions. However, on most days of the year, the environment around the spring is secluded and women can use hot water with proper coverage.


You need a full day to visit this forest. That’s why you will need water and food for the whole day. Also, due to the relatively long distance to the hot spring, it is necessary to have sufficient physical fitness. Visiting Baliran forest requires guidance, and due to the many side roads, there is a high probability of getting lost in this forest. After entering the forest and until the end of the route, there are no welfare and accommodation facilities.


Mehdi Gholami.

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