Maranjab Caravanserai

Maranjab Salt lake, Aran o bidgol,
Aran and Bidgol salt lake, Maranjab
September 9, 2020
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Abu-zidabad desert
September 10, 2020

Maranjab Caravanserai

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One of the important tourist destinations of Aran and Bidgol road to Marnjab is a beautiful caravansary and the remnants of the past, whose architecture dazzles the eyes of every viewer. A caravansary that can be seen from afar like a jewel in the heart of the desert. This caravansary is located about 35 km from Aran and Bidgol and the access road to it is a road to the Marnjab desert. Although this road is not of high quality, but it can be passed with low speed and great caution for all types of vehicles.



The space inside the caravansary is in the form of a large courtyard with rooms (Hojreh) around this courtyard. The size of the courtyard is approximately 20 by 30 meters, and for this reason, it has created a large and pleasant atmosphere inside the caravansary, and with each opening, a beautiful view of this courtyard and the rooms facing it can be seen.


In the past, when caravan trade was established between the lands, places called caravansaries were set up at regular intervals for people and animals to rest. The caravansaries needed water and security, which is why the construction of the caravansary practically led to the development of these routes.

Maranjab Caravansary was located in one of the caravan routes and for this reason, it has all the conditions of a caravansary, including the presence of water. The water of this caravansary is supplied through aqueducts (Qanat) and is still usable. Marnjab Caravansary was built by Shah Abbas in 983 AH (1604 AD) and later suffered a lot of damage, so that until 30 years ago it was used as a sheep pen and after these years it was purchased and renovated by the Cultural Heritage Organization and now used as a residence for tourists of Marnjab desert and salt lake.


Now, this caravansary has 29 rooms with 3500 square meters of infrastructure. After visiting the Marnjab Desert and the Salt Lake, staying in the rooms of the Marnjab Caravansary, which is now used as a hotel, can be fascinating. Of course, if you want to visit here on holidays, be sure to book in advance because it is usually crowded and there may not be an empty room to stay.

Mehdi Gholami.

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