Qeshm Cheshmeh Gorge

Tandis Valley, Qeshm Island
Qeshm Statues Valley
September 23, 2020
Chahkoh Gorge, Qeshm
Qeshm Chahkuh Gorge
September 23, 2020

Qeshm Cheshmeh Gorge

Cheshmeh Gorge, Qeshm Island
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One of the features of Qeshm Island is the erosive straits in this island. Straits created by the passage of floods caused by rainfall over long periods of time. Examples of these straits can be seen everywhere on the island.

Perhaps the most famous of these gorges in Qeshm is the Chahkuh Strait, which is on the visit list of most travelers on the island, and many think it is the only gorge on Qeshm Island. While many similar straits similar to Chahkuh can be seen in different parts of the island.

One of these straits, which is located in the northern part of the island and around the village of Chahkuh, is known as Cheshmeh Strait (Strait of Spring). The reason for this naming is the existence of a spring in the middle of the gorge, which has a beautiful view with clear blue water.

This spring has mineral water that the locals believe has many healing properties and many tourists travel to this area to use this water. The spring does not have hot water, the temperature of its outlet water is equal to the ambient temperature. The amount of water coming out of it is not high and a small water atmosphere flows downstream of this spring.

The access road to this gorge is relatively long and in the rainy season it gets longer due to the washing of the roads. To reach the gorge, it is necessary to walk from Chahkuh village for about 1 hour, and after entering the gorge, parts of it can be visited. Visiting the whole gorge is not possible for everyone due to the water and difficult routes and is suitable for adventure activities. But visiting the beginning of the valley and its spring in conditions of no rain is possible for everyone and only requires a long walk.

Near Cheshmeh Strait, you can also visit Chahkuh Strait, which is one of the most important and well-known sights of Qeshm Island. Access to this gorge from Qeshm city requires about 90 km drive, which takes about 1.5 hours. Due to the remoteness of these sights from the city of Qeshm, the accommodations built near this area can be used for overnight stays.

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