Qeshm Statues Valley

Mangrove Forest, Qeshm Island, Hormozgan, Iran
Qeshm Hara forest
September 23, 2020
Cheshmeh Gorge, Qeshm Island
Qeshm Cheshmeh Gorge
September 23, 2020

Qeshm Statues Valley

Tandis Valley, Qeshm Island
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Qeshm Island is the largest island in Iran, which is located in Hormozgan province near the city of Bandar Abbas. This island, as an important geopark in Iran, has a high diversity of tourist and nature attractions, and in every corner of the island, admirable examples of this type of sight can be seen. The remarkable size of this island and its large size is a factor in the existence of great tourism potential of this island.

The soil of Qeshm Island due to low strength, due to rain and water flow in many places has been eroded and has come in different forms. These shapes can be seen in different places. Existence of many valleys and caves with different shapes is all a reason for the permanent erosion of this island due to environmental factors that continue.

One of the erosive valleys of Qeshm Island, which has been eroded on a large scale, is the Tandis (Statue) Valley. This valley is one of the tourist attractions of the island that attracts many enthusiasts.

The Valley of the Statues is located in the northern part of Qeshm Island and was named the Valley of the Statues due to its numerous natural shapes and volumes. What can be seen in the area of ​​the statue valley is the remnants of a plain that once covered the entire island. The parts that were exposed to water were slowly washed away and the other parts will suffer the same fate in the unknown future.

The Valley of the Statues is structurally similar to the Qeshm Stars Valley, except that it was built in greater width and at greater distances. The Valley of the Statues is located a relatively short distance from the city of Tabl and is not difficult to reach with the signposts along the way. The road leading to the Tandis Valley is not suitable for all types of vehicles during the rainy season. In this case, it is necessary to walk parts of the statue valley on foot, which of course requires a lot of time due to the long distances between the structures. The total route of the car from Qeshm to Tandis Valley is about 70 km, which can be traveled in about 1 hour.

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