Qortan Castle, Ghortan

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September 10, 2020
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Qortan Castle, Ghortan

Ghortan Castle, Qortan, Qurtan
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Near the city of Varzaneh in Isfahan province, there is a village called Qortan, which is famous for its old castle. This castle, like many other examples that exist in Iran, has multiple uses for living and defending in wars, so that the space inside the castle was used for living and around this area is protected by huge walls with towers and strong fortifications. The height of the walls is about 9 meters and the height of the towers is about 12 meters, so it was specifically built to defend the village against invasion. The thickness of the walls is significant in parts close to the ground level and reaches several meters, so the structure of this building can be mentioned as one of the strong and invincible castles.



An important feature of Qortan Castle is that many parts of this old texture are intact, so that in some parts of this castle, residence and business continue, and unlike other similar examples, it has not been completely abandoned. The overall size of the castle is about 5 hectares, which has formed a significant space. Part of one of the walls has been destroyed and it is possible to drive into the castle.


The beautiful Zayandehrud River passes by this castle at the end of a long and life-giving journey, and on days when this river has water, it creates a spectacular and memorable view next to this old castle. It is said that this castle dates back to more than a thousand years ago and has different sections such as mosque, bazaar and baths whose traces still exist.


Seeing the castle does not require any special coordination and you can enter the castle at any time through a gap in one of the walls and go sightseeing and visiting. Of course, it is necessary to mention that many parts of this castle are old and are weak and vulnerable due to not being repaired, and if you are careless in climbing the roofs of houses and walls, you may damage yourself and the remnants of the castle enter.


Mehdi Gholami.

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