Karshahi Castle, Fort

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Karshahi Castle, Fort

Karshahi Castle, Karshahi Fort, Matin Abaad, Abozaid Abaad,
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Karshahi Castle, also known as the Castle of Thieves, is located near the cities of Aran and Bidgol and near Abu Zidabad. With an area of 4,000 square meters, this building dates back to pre-Islamic periods. This fort was used to defend against the invasion of the Mongols and other enemies, which unfortunately later became a place of bandits and insurgents. After Bam Citadel, Karshahi Castle is the largest brick building in Iran. This historical monument was registered on June 16, 2002 with the registration number 5891 as one of the national monuments of Iran.



Karshahi Castle Architecture

Karshahi Castle has a completely defensive architecture and along with defensive walls has an area of ​​8000 square meters. It is made of sandy soil of the surrounding mountains and no decorative type is found in it except the brick porcelain ridge of the towers and fortifications. It is built in a square shape and the length of each side is about 210 meters. The entrance and exit of the castle is in its southern part, but there is also an escape route in its northern part. There is a porch with 4 winter rooms at the entrance. There are also 10 summer rooms in the building. The area of ​​each room is 10 square meters and there are a total of 17 rooms in Karshahi Castle with the rooms of slaves.

Around the castle, there are two strong walls at a distance of 5 meters from each other, between which a relatively deep ditch has been dug so that when the enemy invades and passes through the first wall, the ditch is filled with water and an obstacle to their progress. Be a castle. There is a turret every 10 meters around the moat, which was the location of the shooters.



After two defensive walls, we reach the main wall of the castle, which is surrounded by five towers. Their height, except for one, is 9 meters and the main tower is about 12 meters.



Karshahi Castle has two courtyards, one as the central courtyard and the other as the courtyard of the slaves, which is located in the middle of each of the water basins. In the courtyard of the slaves, there is a circular pit where the camels used to grind.



In general, the brick structure and unique defensive architecture of the castle maintained security inside the castle against the invasion of enemies and in terms of organization and spatial cohesion is one of the most complete castles in Kashan and surrounding cities, which today after several years is still The hard work and ingenuity of its creators in terms of observance of fortifications and security and defense considerations is not hidden from anyone.



Access routes to Karshahi area

Karshahi Castle is located at a distance of 23 km from Matin Abad, in the northernmost point of Badrud city and at the beginning of Abuzidabad section of Kashan. This brick building, which is located in the middle of Bandar Rig desert in Isfahan province, has its foundation in pre-Islamic times.

To visit this unique building, you can use the following routes:

In the first route, after passing through the city of Abuzidabad, from the route of Kashan and passing through the village of Qasemabad, and reaching a distance of 30 km, it reached the castle.

In the second route, passing through Aran and Bidgol city to Marnjab fort towards Sefid Ab, you will reach the hills that after crossing them and entering the river and leaving behind the western margin of the Yakh-Aab mountains, you can see the castle. 4WD cars are recommended on this route.

The third route, which is the most suitable route, is moving from the nearest settlement (Matin Abad) to the castle. This route can be traveled by vehicle in 45 minutes.



The best time and season to travel to Karshahi Castle?

The best time to visit this castle is in spring and autumn when there is a mild climate in the area. In winter, the area has a cold climate and in summer the heat will be annoying.



Necessary equipment for Karshahi Castle Travel?

A trip to Karshahi Castle is a day trip. For this reason, there is no need to have overnight equipment such as tents and sleeping bags. If you start your trip early in the morning, you can return by evening. Due to the lack of shops next to Karshahi Castle, it is necessary to have water and food for a day. It is also recommended to have sunglasses.


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