Sar-yazd Castle, Saryazd Fort

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Sar-yazd Castle, Saryazd Fort

Sar yazd castle, Saryazd fort, Mehriz, Yazd
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Sar-yazd Castle has been one of the oldest and largest bank safe deposit boxes in Iran and the world. This historic castle dates back to the Sassanid rule (3rd to 7th centuries AD). The castle was used to store grain and food, which was of special value at the time. In addition to grain, money, gold and jewelry of the villagers were kept in this castle during raids and looting. The building is surrounded by a moat approximately 6 meters wide and three to four meters deep. The castle also has two concentric nested walls with tall and impregnable towers and fortifications. The main door of the castle was movable and was opened and closed from the bottom up by ropes and pulleys. When the main door was broken by the enemy and the enemy entered the castle, the second door of the castle was closed. Sar-yazd Castle has three floors and the materials used in it include clay, mud, brick and plaster. Decorations such as framing and fireplace making can also be seen in it. On either side of the corridors are several chamber-like rooms, each with a separate door and key. This place was registered as one of the national places of Iran on June 17, 1975, with the registration number 1084.



Very beautiful castle of Sar-yazd, which is located in a village of the same name on the road from Yazd to Kerman, has an area of ​​about 8,000 square meters and has 468 rooms. At first glance, when I saw the fortress from the outside, I thought that behind this brick wall, I was going to see the remains of the ruins of an old building, of which only the name remains, like many of the ancient monuments of our country.

But after crossing the bridge that was placed on the ditches around the castle and in front of the main entrance, a strange and interesting atmosphere appeared in front of my eyes; Arched corridors that branched off into two passages on both sides, each with an attractive view.


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