Shor-Ab Spring, Shurab Waterfall

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July 10, 2021

Shor-Ab Spring, Shurab Waterfall

shor-ab spring, Shur Ab, Shoor Aab, Savadkuh, Mazandaran
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Shor-Ab spring is located in Pol-e-Sefid city in Mazandaran province. This beautiful waterfall is located right next to Firoozkooh-Ghaemshahr road. When you drive from Firoozkooh to Ghaemshahr, you can see it just before Gaduk. This waterfall is located on the other side of the valley and downstream of Shurab village, right next to the railway.



The water of this spring and waterfall, due to its passage through the underground sulfur layers, brings a lot of salts to the surface, which has created a beautiful view for a long time due to the sediments caused by these salts.

The water of this spring is not drinkable due to having many salts and for this reason it is called Shur-ab (Salty Water). However, the abundant salts in the canal and the place where this waterfall fell have turned red in a very beautiful way.

Gaduk heights on Firoozkooh road, which is located on the northern railway (northern part of Alborz) and most of the beauties of this railway are located in this area, including the largest tunnel known as Gaduk tunnel with a length of 2887 meters – the famous three gold lines – the most The height of this railway from the sea level in this area is 2109 meters and also the famous Veresk bridge which is close to this area.


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