Pasab Wetland Yazd, Lagoon

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July 10, 2021
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July 10, 2021

Pasab Wetland Yazd, Lagoon

Pasab Wetland Yazd, Pasaab, Lagoon
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Yazd Pasab wetland in the heart of the desert has been formed due to the release of water from the Yazd wastewater treatment plant and has created a beautiful nature due to its location among the sands. This lagoon is covered with reeds and an area has been formed to attract birds. Due to the fact that this wetland is located near Yazd, it has recently become a recreation area for desert walks, and a significant number of people come to this area on weekends to visit and relax.



Yazd is known for its deserts and unique architecture. This most beautiful brick city in the world knows the value of water well. A sign for the price of water, in the heart of the desert. In the heart of the Yazd desert, a small lake stands out, this time art by human hands. Yazd effluent wetland has been created from the release of water from the city’s wastewater treatment plant in the desert. The existence of this lagoon, among the sands of the desert, has created a beautiful scene. The length of the wetland is 3 km, its width in most cases is 1 km and it is 1145 meters above sea level. The plants around the lagoon is large clumps of reeds.

Yazd pasab wetland is a land between high water poverty, and has become a source of desert wildlife. The lagoon is also a temporary destination for winter migratory birds. Wetland water is also used to irrigate the green belt of Yazd. Successful implementation of this belt can solve the problem of dust and low rainfall in this area.

Yazd pasab wetland has recently become a tourist destination. Many desert lovers come to this lake to spend the night and enjoy the beautiful sky of Yazd. However, to reach the lake, it is better to use off-road cars.

The best time to visit Yazd pasab

To travel to Yazd, to see this lagoon and the surrounding desert, it is better to choose from late November to the first days of spring. Although Yazd is hot in spring, it is cooler around the lagoon thanks to the water. Therefore, this lagoon can make choosing your destination easier.

Sunglasses, water, sunscreen, awnings are essential for walking in the desert sands. Do not forget a handful of extra clothes to roll between sand and water. If you are going to spend the night by the lagoon, be sure to include a sleeping bag and a suitable tent and enough food in your travel equipment.

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