Rocky beach of Bandar Moqam

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September 25, 2020
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September 26, 2020

Rocky beach of Bandar Moqam

Rocky Beach, Moqam
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The Persian Gulf is famous for its beautiful and unique beaches. The beaches that are not easily visible in the north of Iran, the Caspian Sea, and the large volume of villa construction and conquest of the beaches have made nature lovers deprived of this valuable blessing.



But in the south of Iran, and especially between the provinces of Hormozgan and Bushehr, finding these pristine beaches away from humans is still an achievable dream and can be found and benefited from them with a little inquiry.


One of the beautiful beaches of the south is located near the Bandar-e Moqam. This beach is famous for its rocks in strange and unusual shapes and attracts many enthusiasts.┬áThe rocky beach of Bandar-e Moqam is also known by other names, among which we can mention Shosa beach and “Umm Kaser“.


The rocky beach is located about 10 km from the Moqam on the way to Parsian city. The beach has no road and can be reached on foot about 1 km, which usually takes about half an hour. Due to the lack of traffic signs for this beach, it is necessary to determine its exact location in advance or seek help from the locals. Access to the beach is not difficult and it is possible for everyone to navigate. Of course, at the end of the path and after reaching the cliffs, crossing some of them requires more caution.


There are many rocks on this beach that have become beautiful shapes due to erosion and sea waves in the long run and have created a beautiful landscape for photography. The best time to visit this beach is around sunset because the color of the rocks is different and more spectacular during these hours.


Mehdi Gholami.

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