Kharidon Beach

Rocky Beach, Moqam
Rocky beach of Bandar Moqam
September 25, 2020
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Opert Ridge
September 26, 2020

Kharidon Beach

Kharidon Beautiful Beach, Persian Gulf, Iran
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The beach is always a place to relax and those who are interested in silence and communication with nature make these places a priority for their travels. But in recent years, with overpopulation and human extravagance, the privately owned seas have become private property and have been used only by a small group. The Caspian Sea, as the closest coast to densely populated cities, especially Tehran, has long struggled with this problem.
Meanwhile, the Persian Gulf, due to its remoteness from population centers and, of course, more unfavorable weather conditions compared to the northern provinces, is still far from invasion and most of its coastline is still usable for the public.


In the western part of Hormozgan province and close to Bushehr province, within the city of Kushkonar, there are a significant number of such pristine beaches that are highly regarded by nature lovers.


One of these beautiful beaches, which is located south of Kushkonar and west of the port of Taben, is a beach called Kharidon, which in some dialects is also called Khavaridon.


Kharidon Beach has poor access, which is often blocked by rain. For this reason, with a good approximation, this beach can be mentioned in the category of beaches without land access, and the only reliable way to reach it is by sea and by boat.


The nearest important port to Kharidon beach is Taben, which is about 8 km away, and it takes about 20 minutes by boat. For this reason, those who want to visit this beach act through the port of Taben.


Kharidon is an old port and has a number of small buildings built for local fishermen. For this reason, most nature lovers who want to see the pristine sea move a little away from this place to finally reach a place with the characteristics of a pristine beach.


Kharidon is a relatively clean and pristine sandy beach that is very similar to other famous beaches in the area with its small width and long length. Here, the high walls of the sea have been separated from the land, and the continuous erosion of the sea waves has eliminated the possibility of plant growth.


On most of these beaches it is difficult to find a good place to spend the night because during sea tide, the water level rises close to the walls. Also, due to the possibility of falling walls, staying overnight in such places is associated with many dangers.


Mehdi Gholami.

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