Opert Ridge

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Opert Ridge

Opert Ridge Forest
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Opert is one of the beautiful regions of Iran, which is located between the two provinces of Mazandaran and Semnan. This region has beautiful forests downstream and a high stone wall upstream has become one of the most important tourist destinations in this region.



The position of the Opert Wall is such that it prevents clouds from passing from the north to the south, so the view of the cloud ocean can be seen in this area most days of the year, and many nature lovers to see this view for a long distance to reach They pass through this area.


Cloud trapping in the northern part and the consequent increase in humidity and rainfall in that area has increased vegetation and created dense forests. In contrast, the lack of moisture in the southern part has led to poor vegetation, and this contrast on both sides of a wall a short distance away is astonishing.


Although Opert is geographically located in Mazandaran province, but the access route to it is from Semnan province and Shahmirzad city. The main route is a unsuitable for cars, and for this reason, to visit this area, you should use SUV cars.


There is a village of the same name at the end of the path and near the wall of the Opert. But there are no tourist facilities in this area. For this reason, it is better to visit the Opert only during one day. Of course, downstream of Opert and in the villages between the route there are Eco-lodges that are suitable for overnight stays.


The time required to reach the wall of the operetta is long and it takes about 3 hours from Shahmirzad. Depending on the type of vehicle and road conditions, a short section of the end of the route must be walked.


The high height of the operetta wall as well as its high slope have made this wall have a high potential for accidents, so be sure to be careful when visiting this area and avoid getting too close to the precipices.


Due to the high altitude of this region, the night temperature is cool or cold even in hot seasons. For this reason, if you want to spend the night in nature, pay attention to this point.


Mehdi Gholami.

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