Maharloo Lake, Maharlu, Shiraz Pink Lake

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Maharloo Lake, Maharlu, Shiraz Pink Lake

Maharloo Pink Lake, Shiraz, Fars, Iran
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Maharloo Lake or Pink Lake is one of the most important attractions in Fars province, which is considered by nature lovers due to its beautiful color. The pink color of this lake is due to the existence of a kind of microscopic animal that in some seasons of the year their number increases and the pink color of the lake becomes more impressive.

This lake is located about 30 km from Shiraz on the Bandar Abbas road, which can be reached in about half an hour. It is possible to drive to the lake. In several parts of the lake, places have been built for boating and the use of its beautiful scenery, and visitors can enjoy the opportunity of boating in this lake.

The dimensions of this lake are different in different seasons and according to the amount of rainfall. But approximately its dimensions can be considered about 10 by 6 km.

The water of Maharloo Lake is very salty and this factor has made one of the names here salt lake. In some parts of the lake, facilities have been built for salt extraction.

The source of water supply of this lake is two seasonal rivers and a number of springs around it, and for this reason, the amount of water is greatly affected by the region’s rainfall. The average depth of this lake is shallow and it is not more than half a meter at its edge.

Maharloo lake has been on the verge of drying up in recent years due to low rainfall, but in recent years, due to increasing rainfall, the level and depth of the lake has returned to an acceptable figure. Simultaneously with this event, the animal life of this lake also flourished and now birds such as flamingos live or are guests of this beautiful lake.

Mehdi Gholami.

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