Rode Roneh Tourism Area

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October 18, 2020
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Rode Roneh Tourism Area

Rod Roneh Nature
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“Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-ahmad” province, due to their location in the middle of the Zagros mountain range, have high and beautiful peaks that are scattered throughout this province. In the south of this province and in its tropical regions, there is a single and beautiful mountain called Khami, on the slopes of which vast tropical forests have been created. Existence of abundant water in the tropical climate has made this area full of nature attractions. On the eastern side of the mountain, which overlooks the cities of Basht and Choram, there are a number of these beautiful natural attractions.

The beautiful tourist area Roneh River is located 25 km northwest of Basht city and on the road to Choram city. This area has a beautiful and pleasant view of the mountain base of the southern Zagros at the foot of Khami Mountain. The winter snow of the raw peak, which emerges from the heart of the earth in spring and summer in the form of waterfalls and boiling springs, creates a small and beautiful river called the Roneh River through a pleasant and refreshing path. In many places, this river has created beautiful landscapes with flowers and plants.

Roneh River with its spectacular and lush nature is very popular among tourism enthusiasts, especially in “Kohgiluyeh, Boyer-Ahmad” and other provinces of Iran.

The usual route of the Roneh River is about 3 km, which passes through lush forests with oak, walnut, fig and mulberry trees. In parts of the route; Agricultural products, especially rice, create a pleasant aroma in the atmosphere. The cool weather, lush nature and the view of Khami Mountain have made the Roneh River a spectacular and attractive area for tourists.

The Roneh River is a long but relatively easy trail and can be crossed by most people with a minimum of physical fitness. The end of the trail leads to a relatively short waterfall.

Mehdi Gholami

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