Sangchal to Diva Trekking

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September 20, 2020
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Sangchal to Diva Trekking

Sangchal to Diva Forest Trekking
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Filband village is one of the famous villages in Mazandaran province and Amol region. This village is very popular with nature lovers due to its height and view of the cloud ocean. Along the way to reach Filband there is another village called Sangchal which is not usually paid attention to and is crossed only to reach Filband. A village with pristine and attractive nature and dense and beautiful forests.



From Sangchal village, one of the famous forest trekking routes starts among nature lovers, which finally leads to one of the villages near Amol called Diva by crossing the Alborz mountain range. The route starts from Sangchal village, but to shorten the walking distance, you can go to Gat Kola village by car and then start the walk.


Sangchal to Diva is a professional and difficult trip and for this reason it is recommended only for people with a high level of preparation and appropriate equipment. It usually takes 2 days to traverse this route. This means that it is necessary to stay overnight in the forest for the whole route. Due to the lack of amenities, living in the forest is possible only in tents and with proper equipment, because this region is one of the rain-forests of Iran and expecting rain in it is not far from the mind.


There are no villages along the way and only a number of shepherd huts can be seen that are not suitable for accommodation. These huts are open but usually do not have a clean environment due to the entry of animals into them.


The whole route from Sangchal village to Diva is a about 25 km and it takes an average of 8 to 10 hours to walk. There are different slopes in this route. At the beginning of the uphill route and then downhill, in the middle parts, a flat forest can be seen.


Shortly after the start of the walk, a beautiful river can be seen, which can be used until the end of the route and reaching the village of Diva. The presence of clean water springs in several places can meet the water needs.
The forest route from Sangchal to Diva is a professional trip. For this reason, it is necessary to measure the readiness of all people before the trip and to ensure that they have the appropriate equipment for such trips. Shoes, clothes, tents and sleeping bags are just some of the essentials on this trip.
This route requires guidance or the use of reliable routing devices due to its pristine nature. It is necessary to have enough food for 2 days.


Mehdi Gholami.

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