Trekking of Soha Lake to Laton Waterfall

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November 9, 2020
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Trekking of Soha Lake to Laton Waterfall

Soha Laton Trekking, Ardabil, Gilan
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Soha is the name of a small water intake near a village of the same name, about 35 km east of Ardabil. This area, which is actually the starting point of the forests of Gilan province, has a very cool climate and is very popular with nature lovers in that area.

Laton waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in Iran with a height of nearly 100 meters in the heart of Gilan forests and is located on a road without car access. The access route to this waterfall is through Kote Komeh village.
The access route to this waterfall from Soha is a more difficult and longer route than its main route, but in the end it is beautiful and pristine.

The trekking distance of this forest is about 15 hours, which is a combination of mountaineering and forest climbing on heavy and light routes. The whole route will take 2 days with about 8-9 hours of walking for the first day and 5 to 6 hours for the second day, so physical preparation and proper equipment are necessary for this trip. It should be noted that one of the difficulties of this route is to change its high altitude (about 1800 meters) in 2 days.

Mehdi Gholami.

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