Zarangosh canyon, Zarangush

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Zarangosh canyon, Zarangush

Zarangosh canyon, Zarangush
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Zarangosh is one of the beautiful canyons of Ilam province, which is located near the city of Badra and in a village called Zarangosh. This gorge with its high walls is one of the famous sightseeing spots in Ilam province.



Where is the Zarangosh canyon

Zarangosh is one of the villages of Ilam province, located in Badra city. Zarangosh village is located 24 km from Badre city and 24 km from Dere-Shahr city in Ilam province.
It is possible to access Zarangosh canyon by car. There is a road inside the canyon and it can be traveled by car. The length of the valley is about 2 km.



The best time and season to travel to Zarangosh canyon?

The best time to visit this place is March and April.



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