Zohreh River, Zohre, Hendijan

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October 18, 2020
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October 18, 2020

Zohreh River, Zohre, Hendijan

Zohreh River, Hendijan River
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Water is the source of life and that is why rivers are among the most important points in the economic sphere. The existence of rivers promotes agriculture and animal husbandry as important tools for development, which is why most important human civilizations have been formed along rivers.

In addition to economic benefits, rivers are also one of the most important tourist attractions, which provide a lot of prosperity for this branch with an attractive environment for nature activities.

One of the most important rivers in Fars province is the Zohreh River, which originates from a large catchment area in the north of this province. This river is created due to the confluence of the two rivers “Tang Shio” and Fahlian. These rivers originate from the northwestern catchment area of ​​Fars province.

Zohreh River flows most of its route on the border of “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” Province and finally enters Khuzestan province to join the Persian Gulf after irrigating many towns and villages in this province near Hindijan.

Zohreh (Venus) is a beautiful river and has created beautiful scenery along its route. The presence of Zagros forests and lush fields around this river has added to its attractiveness and has caused many enthusiasts to visit this river. Wide valleys have been created along the course of this river, which shows the great power of the river in creating large erosion. During rainy seasons, the Zohreh River washes a significant volume of soil in its catchment area and enters the plains of Khuzestan province, thus contributing significantly to the enrichment of its downstream lands.
One of the suitable places to visit the Zohreh River is the villages between the route from Basht city to Gachsaran, through which you can easily get close to the river.

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