Do-Gor Do-Pa

Barim Bridge, Basht, Kohgiluye Boir Ahmad
Barim Bridge
October 18, 2020
Zohreh River, Hendijan River
Zohreh River, Zohre, Hendijan
October 18, 2020

Do-Gor Do-Pa

2 Gor 2 Pa, Basht
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“Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” is one of the small provinces of Iran, which despite its small area, has a significant number of natural and ancient monuments, some of which are known not only in this province but also for most Iranian tourists. The existence of protected areas, roaring rivers, beautiful lakes and vast forests show the richness of tourism in this province.


In addition to all the unique natural monuments, “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” provinces are also of special importance in terms of ancient and cultural monuments.


Near the city of Basht, in a village called Shush, there are two stone pillars on a low hill, which is one of the tourist attractions of this region from “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” province. These two columns are located in a flat and beautiful space and for this reason, in addition to their ancient charm, they have a special natural attraction.


The exact use of these stone pillars is not known, but there are theories that the remains of a fire temple or other similar place of worship. The height of one of these two columns is 190 cm and the other is 2 meters, which are placed on the ground at a distance of half a meter from each other. The columns are built seamlessly.


These pillars are located on a hill near a village called Sush. Access to these can be done by vehicle and does not require much walking. Of course, due to the lack of guidance signs, this work is a little difficult to find and requires guidance from the locals.


This sight is surrounded by beautiful gardens and therefore a beautiful view can be seen from the top of the hill.


South of “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” has a tropical climate. For this reason, the best time to visit this area is early spring.


Mehdi Gholami

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