Do-Eshkaft Cave

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Sarab Garm Spring
October 1, 2020
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Do-Eshkaft Cave

Do Eshkaft cave
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Kermanshah is one of the oldest human settlements in Iran and significant effects of this life can be seen in different parts of this province. In addition, in Kermanshah can be seen significant traces of the flourishing of civilization. Anobanini inscription in Sarpol-e Zahab is one of the most important sight in this field, which is still beautiful and healthy with a history of about 4800 years.

In the city of Kermanshah, there is a small but important cave that is of special importance due to the discovery of artifacts related to early humans. This cave, known as “Do Eshkaft“, is located on the northern outskirts of the city. The two caves are not deep caves and are only a few meters from the entrance to the end. The Do-Eshkaft are actually two separate but adjoining caves. One of the caves is wider and has a larger opening. Neither of these two caves has the usual sedimentary decorations in the caves.

The oldest remains of human habitation in the city of Kermanshah have been found in this cave. According to archaeological studies, this cave was inhabited by early humans and predators during the Middle Paleolithic period between 120,000 and 40,000 years ago. The existence of a water spring near the cave and also the complete control of the whole plain from this point has been one of the features of this cave for its use by the first humans.

Access to the cave is not difficult at the moment and it can be reached by a short trek in about half an hour. Of course, due to the existence of several side paths around the cave, finding the best path requires great care. This cave is located near the Tagh-e Bostan, which is currently known as one of the most important sights in Kermanshah.

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