Elahe Namak Hormoz

Rainbow Valley, Hormoz Island, Hormozgan, Iran
Rainbow Valley of Hormoz
September 23, 2020
Red Soil Mine Beach, Hormoz Island
Red Soil Mine of Hormoz
September 23, 2020

Elahe Namak Hormoz

Silence Valley, Hormoz Island
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Hormoz Island is one of the beautiful islands in Persian Gulf, which is located in the middle of the Strait of Hormuz. In addition to the strategic location of this island, having a beautiful and unique nature has made it one of the most important islands in Iran.

The island is located on a salt dome and therefore many parts of the soil and its lowlands are composed of salt. The largest salt mass on the island, which is a large rock full of salt crystals, has become known as the Elahe Namak (Goddess of Salt) and has become one of the natural attractions of the island and attracts many enthusiasts. This salt mass has large crystals of salt that are smooth and perfectly cut. These crystals are relatively high and it is not possible to access, and you can only enjoy watching them. The salt crystals are seen in the form of folds of the skirt along with the surrounding soils, and the name of the salt goddess is taken from here.

The valley where this large rock is located is called the Valley of Silence because it is located at the point where there is the least noise pollution and also because of the structures around this valley, sounds are absorbed.

It is believed that this valley is full of positive energies and can reduce people’s negative energies, which is why many enthusiasts come to this place for mental and spiritual reconstruction. This is why another name here is Energy Valley.

In the middle of the valley there are small rivers that are saturated with salt and with a white view next to the colored soil of the island has created a beautiful atmosphere.

Access to the Valley of Silence and the Goddess of Salt is not difficult and can be reached with a short walk. 

Mehdi Gholami.

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