Rainbow Valley of Hormoz

Harra Mangrove Forest, Bandar Khamir, Hormozgan, Iran
Hara Forest of Bandar Khamir
September 23, 2020
Silence Valley, Hormoz Island
Elahe Namak Hormoz
September 23, 2020

Rainbow Valley of Hormoz

Rainbow Valley, Hormoz Island, Hormozgan, Iran
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Hormoz Island is one of the beautiful islands of Iran in the Persian Gulf, which is known as a jewel among the turquoise waters due to its beautiful scenery. Pristine beaches, strange and colorful caves, salt valleys and rocks of different shapes are among the sights of this island.


Easy access to this island, despite the movement of several speedboats during the day and also the existence of acceptable accommodation facilities in it, has made Hormoz Island from an unknown island to an important destination for nature lovers over the past few years. You can not find days without tourists in it. Today, Hormoz is even popular among tourists on the site of many countries, and many nature lovers come to Iran to visit it.


In addition to all the mentioned advantages, the soil of this island, due to the rich resources and different minerals in a small area, has created a community of different colors together. In some parts of the island you can see pure colors and one hand, and in some other places a cross of different colors is displayed.


One of the scenic areas of Hormoz Island, which has the most variety of colors, is called Rainbow Valley, which is located in the southwest of the island. Rainbow Valley is made of hills and mountains in different colors of yellow, white, red and other colors have been formed that the combination of these colored soils together has created a very beautiful scene and the choice of the name of the rainbow has not been exaggerated.


The distance of the rainbow valley from Hormoz is about 7 km, which can be covered in a short time by cars or motorbikes that are used to transport tourists. For walking in the valley, you can also use the existing routes to enjoy sightseeing in this colorful environment. There is no limit to visiting this valley and everyone can visit it with any readiness.


Mehdi Gholami.

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