Hara Forest of Bandar Khamir

Hengam Island, Dolphin, Hormozgan, Iran
Hengam Island
September 23, 2020
Rainbow Valley, Hormoz Island, Hormozgan, Iran
Rainbow Valley of Hormoz
September 23, 2020

Hara Forest of Bandar Khamir

Harra Mangrove Forest, Bandar Khamir, Hormozgan, Iran
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Marine forests are among the beautiful phenomena of nature that create different ecosystems. Creating suitable habitats for resident and migratory birds as well as contributing to the economy of local communities are among the results of the development of this type of forest on the coast.

These forests exist in large areas of Iran around the Persian Gulf and the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčOman. The northwestern part of Qeshm Island, the border of this island with the coastline of southern Iran, there is one of the largest marine forests in Iran.

Access to these forests is possible through Qeshm Island. But another spectacular route to visit these forests is through the port of Khamir, which has been prepared in the form of a tourist complex to visit this forest.

It is possible to see the Mangrove forests of Bandar Khamir by boat and many parts of this forest can be visited this way. Boating on waterways on both sides of which mangroves grow creates a memory.

Mangrove trees often grow on the seafront, where they change with the tide. Each time the tide turns, a significant portion of the mangrove trees are submerged in seawater, and then in retreating, the trees are once again exposed to air and sunlight.

In addition to creating a good place for other animals to live, the mangrove trees also have many benefits for the natives of the region. The inhabitants use the leaves of these trees for animal fodder. Also, today, with the development of tourism, boating tours in the forests have become one of the sustainable businesses of the people.

One of the unusual features of mangrove trees is its aerial roots. The roots of these trees grow vertically upwards around the tree, creating a different landscape around the tree. Another feature of these trees is the growth of seeds on the mother tree. After growing enough, these seeds are separated from the mother tree and continue to live in a suitable place as an independent tree.

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