Red Soil Mine of Hormoz

Silence Valley, Hormoz Island
Elahe Namak Hormoz
September 23, 2020
Salt Cave, Hormoz Island
Hormoz Salt Cave
September 23, 2020

Red Soil Mine of Hormoz

Red Soil Mine Beach, Hormoz Island
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Hormoz Island is known as a diverse source of minerals that in every corner of the island can be found unique examples of natural attractions that have caused countless enthusiasts to visit this area every year. Colorful valleys, salt caves and beautiful beaches are just some of the sights of this beautiful island. The proximity of this island to Bandar Abbas and easy access is another reason for its attractiveness among nature lovers.

One of the sights of Hormoz Island is the Red Soil mine, which is famous for its red soil. Here is an old mine that was built to extract soil and from which red soil was extracted for many years, but recently it has been stopped and used only for tourists.

Red soil has various uses, including in the cosmetics industry. But one of the special uses of this soil is its use in the production of food products, which is still used as a kind of flavor and coloring among the locals.

One of the features of this mine is its location by the sea. The red soil mine at the crossroads of the sea creates a beautiful view. The red soil mixes slowly with the turquoise waves of the sea, displaying a contrasting and dazzling spectrum. Although it is possible to see this phenomenon from the shore, to see it better, you have to watch from a height.

The beach of the Red Soil mine itself is another attraction close to this mine. You can walk along the beach for a relatively long distance and enjoy the scenery of this area. Parts of this beach are sandy and parts of it are rocky and this factor has made all kinds of tastes enjoy being by this beach. The beach in this part of the island contains beautiful crystals that have a dazzling waterfall due to sunlight or night lighting.

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