Hormoz Salt Cave

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September 23, 2020
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Hormoz Salt Cave

Salt Cave, Hormoz Island
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Hormoz Island has an admirable variety of nature attractions and in every corner of the island you can see a beautiful and sometimes unique phenomenon. Colorful valleys, salt mountains and beautiful beaches are among the sights of this small but beautiful island.

One of the attractions of this island is its salt cave, which is very popular with nature lovers and tourists of this island due to its salt structures and beautiful crystals. This cave is located next to the main road in the southwestern part of Hormoz Island and can be visited because of the easy route for everyone. Of course, due to the lack of sufficient light, it is necessary to have a flashlight.

Hormoz salt cave is not long and deep and it does not take much time to navigate it. However, in all caves, due to the looseness of the walls and structures on the roof, great caution is needed and these parts should be avoided as much as possible. It is also recommended to use a helmet to enter the cave if possible.

The entrance of the cave is salty so that it can be easily entered and there is no need to bend inside the cave. Many parts of the roof and walls of the cave are covered with salt. The floor of the cave is usually dry and a small amount of water flows in the cave when it rains.

Staying and breathing inside salt caves can help improve patients with asthma and respiratory disorders and is therefore one of the attractions in the field of health tourism.

Salt caves and domes in Qeshm and Hormoz islands, in addition to being one of the unique phenomena in geology, are also one of the national treasures of the country that belong to all generations and must be protected.

Mehdi Gholami.

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