Gabrik Protected Area

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October 11, 2020
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Gabrik Protected Area

Gabrik Estuary Protected Area
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In the east of Hormozgan province and the border of this province with Sistan and Baluchestan, there are beautiful natural areas that attract many enthusiasts with their rich flora and fauna. These areas have abundant vegetation both on land and along the sea. The extent and density of this vegetation is unique in southern Iran.

About 80 km east of Jask, there is a large protected area called Gabrik, which is a natural destination for nature lovers due to its extensive onshore and mangrove forests.

There is a large and beautiful estuary on the seafront that has created a large forest with a favorable environment for the growth of mangrove trees. Gabrik estuary has many waterways, and by entering each of them, one can see new and different landscapes of this vegetation. Among these forests, you can see many resident and migratory birds, which are often friendly and can be approached due to the lack of human threats. In the corner of this estuary, there is a fishing port that can be entered and visited by the boats of this port.

Mangroves are a species of tree that has evolved to adapt to the salt water of the sea and is able to use this water. In another part of the protected area, beautiful forests have grown on land. These trees are located in the middle of the sand and have created a different environment than other forests.

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