Gel-Afshan-e Bandar-e Tang, mud volcano

Martian Mountains Chabahar
Martian mountains
October 7, 2020
Chegerdani Lash Mud Volcano, Chabahar
Gel-Afshan-e Chegerdani-Lash, mud volcano
October 7, 2020

Gel-Afshan-e Bandar-e Tang, mud volcano

Gel Afshan Bandar Tang Mud Volcano, Chabahar
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Existence of numerous natural attractions in Sistan and Baluchestan, has made this province one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran, so that every year countless tourists travel to visit this province. The remoteness of the road and the lack of amenities have not been able to create an obstacle for these trips, and the number of enthusiasts in this area is increasing every year. Meanwhile, the city of Chabahar and its surroundings is of special importance due to the higher concentration of attractions in a small area. Beautiful and pristine beaches, mangrove forests and Martian mountains are just some of the sights of this port city.

One of the strange and unique attractions in Iran is a phenomenon called flowering that is located near Chabahar. As the name implies, Gel-Afashn (Mud Sprayer) are areas that throw mud out. An unusual phenomenon that has few similar cases in Iran and for this reason many nature lovers are interested in visiting it.

One of the most important Gel-Afshan in Chabahar is known as Gel-Afshan-e Bandar-e Tang, which is located about 110 km from Chabahar city and 12 km from Bandar-e Tang. This Gel-Afshan is in the shape of a high hill from which the mud is thrown out. This whole hill is the result of the activity of this mud sprayer, which has been built over the years due to the outflow of mud. Near thisGel-Afshan, there are two other hills, which of course are silent and inactive.

Various theories have been proposed for this phenomenon, the most likely of which is the increase in ground pressure due to the presence of hydrocarbon gases. On the way out, these gases come in contact with water and mud underground and transfer them to the earth’s surface. One of the reasons for this theory is that exhaust gases are flammable.

The activity of Gel-Afshan is variable and changes throughout the year and even in multi-year periods. Normally, this sprayer is not very active and the interval between each flowering is several minutes. Of course, in recent years, there is a history of explosive outflows of flowers from this planter, which has thrown a significant amount of flowers around in a few days.

Mehdi Gholami

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