Jashak Salt Dome

Siraf Ancient cemetery, Bushehr, Iran
Siraf Ancient Cemetery
September 29, 2020
Shidvar Island, Hormozgan, Iran
Maroo Island, Maro, Shidvar
September 29, 2020

Jashak Salt Dome

Jashak Salt Mountain, Boshehr, Iran
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Bushehr province is one of the most spectacular provinces in Iran, which attracts many enthusiasts with its significant variety of natural monuments. The beautiful beaches of this province, the pristine islands and the protected areas with rich wildlife are just a corner of this beautiful nature.



Jashak salt dome or Jashk salt mountain is one of the unique natural monuments in Bushehr province and in Iran, which is located between Kangan and Khormoj. This salt dome with its beautiful landscapes has become one of the tourist attractions of Bushehr province and attracts many enthusiasts.


Salt domes can be seen in different parts of southern Iran. One of the important examples is Qeshm salt dome. Such salt domes can also be seen on the island of Hormuz.


But the remarkable feature of Jashak Salt Dome is its size and grandeur, which is remarkable compared to the rest. There are different parts of this salt dome and you can visit different landscapes. The existence of salt rivers with salt crystals in it and also the existence of caves and colorful salt veins in different parts of this salt dome are noteworthy.


It is possible for ordinary people to visit the salt dome in its lower parts. But at higher elevations, routes become more difficult and more caution is required. The presence of salt crystals, most of which are sharp and winning, can also pose risks.


Due to its importance, the Jashak salt dome is registered as a national natural monument and is at the disposal of the Environment Organization. No amenities have been built near this dome and the area is completely pristine and untouched. The access road is also dirt and is likely to be blocked during rainy seasons.


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