Karun 3 Dam Lake, Karon

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Tang-e Solak, Sulak, Sorok
November 1, 2020
Karon 4 dam Lake, Bazoft River
Karun 4 Dam Lake, Karon
November 1, 2020

Karun 3 Dam Lake, Karon

Karon 3 dam lake bridge, Khuzestan,
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Khuzestan is one of the beautiful provinces of Iran, which is known as one of the agricultural and livestock centers of Iran due to its abundant water. Existence of numerous and watery rivers is one of the reasons for this development.

Khuzestan is in fact a vast plain created by several important rivers. The rivers, which all originate from the Zagros Mountains, bring significant amounts of washed soil into this vast plain with each rain, thus enriching the soil of this region.

One of the important rivers of Khuzestan province is Karun (or Karon), which enters this province from “Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari” province. Of course, Karun is a big river and its catchment area is beyond “Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari” province, and part of its water comes from other provinces such as “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad“.

Due to the importance of the Karun River and the need to control and store seasonal floods, several dams have been built on it. Immediately after the arrival of Karun in Khuzestan, there is the Karun 3 Dam, which has created a large lake behind it. This lake is well visible from the side of Shahrekord to Izeh road and you can enjoy its beautiful view next to the trees. The distance of this lake from Izeh city is 35 km.

The necessity of crossing the road over Karun 3 dam lake has led to the construction of huge bridges, which is another reason for the attractiveness of this lake. You can stop in some places along the way and enjoy these beautiful views.

Mehdi Gholami

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