Khafar Waterfall

Khafr Village Landscape
Khafr Village
October 16, 2020
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October 16, 2020

Khafar Waterfall

Khafr Waterfall, Dena Mountain
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The beautiful Dena mountain range with its unique nature and cool climate around it is one of the beautiful regions of Iran. This mountain range is located between “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” and Isfahan provinces and has a large number of peaks above four thousand meters and is therefore one of the areas of interest for mountaineers. One of the important routes to reach this mountain range is a beautiful village called Khafr, which is located in the southernmost point of Isfahan province, 80 km away from Semirom city.



Khafr village has a beautiful nature and with its abundant water and beautiful rivers, it has become a destination for tourists and welcomes many travelers from all over Iran in the warm seasons.


At a distance of 5 km from Khafr village and among one of the valleys leading to Dena mountain range, there is a tall and beautiful waterfall that has doubled the charm of Khafr village and this region. This waterfall, which is known as Khafr waterfall, is about 40 meters high and its water is supplied by the melting of upstream ice and snow. Therefore, the volume of waterfall is different in different seasons and the best time to visit it is mid-spring.


Khafr waterfall is located in the middle of a long valley branching from Dena mountain range. Depending on the weather conditions and seasonal rains, you can travel part of the way to the waterfall by car, but in any case, the distance of about 1 hour to the waterfall must be walked. This path passes through the alleys of the gardens and then through the beautiful valley floor. A variety of views can be seen along the valley. Vegetation in the valley; Small tree but covered with colorful shrubs and flowers.


The route passes by a beautiful river, part of which is from the source of Khafr waterfall. The same river eventually passes through the village of Khafr, causing the prosperity of agriculture in this village.


Visiting this waterfall requires proper physical preparation. Because parts of the route, especially the end, have relatively steep slopes. Also, at the end of the trail and near the waterfall, there is not much flat space for rest and camping.


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