Kurdichal to Ramsar Trekking

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Gol-e Zard Cave
September 20, 2020
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September 20, 2020

Kurdichal to Ramsar Trekking

Kordichal to Ramsar Trekking
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The vast province of Mazandaran, with a wide range of pristine and untouched forests and beautiful summers, is one of the provinces of interest to domestic and foreign tourists and nature lovers.

In this beautiful province, Kelardasht is one of the areas that has many tourist attractions, especially in the field of nature tourism. Beautiful summers, pristine forests, rivers and beautiful lakes are part of Kelardasht souvenirs for its travelers. Kelardasht is located on the route of one of the main roads from Tehran to the north, namely Chalous Road, and this is one of the reasons for the double fame of this summer region.

In addition to all the mentioned attractions, those who are looking for hiking trails in the forest can also benefit from this area. This type of travel has special enthusiasts and today, as a kind of adventure travel, it is an important part of the activities of travel agencies and nature groups.

Around Kelardasht, there is a beautiful village called Kurdichal, which is the starting point of one of the forest climbing routes in northern Iran. This trail starts about 25 km long from Kurdichal and leads to the vicinity of Ramsar.

The long amount of trekking has required at least 2 days to walk this route, and therefore it is necessary to bring all the overnight equipment such as tents and sleeping bag. There are no facilities along the way except shepherd huts and therefore it will be necessary to have food for at least 2 days.

Most of this route passes through a dense forest and along a beautiful river. All kinds of slopes can be experienced in this direction. There are parts of the downhill path and parts of the uphill path, and the middle of the forest path is with a gentle slope.

Visiting this forest path requires high physical fitness as well as proper equipment. In addition, it is essential to use a reliable navigation guide or navigation equipment.

Mehdi Gholami.

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