Lak-Trashan to Aghuz-hal Trekking

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September 20, 2020
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September 21, 2020

Lak-Trashan to Aghuz-hal Trekking

Lak Trashan to Ahooz Hal Trekking
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Lak Trashan village is one of the beautiful and popular villages for tourists. This village is located in Mazandaran province and near Tonekabon. But one of the features of this village is the lack of communication, and this has made it impossible for everyone to reach this village, and only those who are willing to take a very unsuitable road and walk for about half an hour can see it.



From Tonekabon to Lak Tarashan is a long and winding road, a significant part of which is impassable for many cars. At low speeds, this route takes about 4 hours, and finally it still takes about half an hour to reach the village of Lak Trashan.


Lak Trashan is a relatively large village with lush and summery nature. The area around the village is semi-forested but inside the village is green and full of beautiful gardens.


Getting to the Lak Tarashan is difficult for many people. However, here is the starting point of one of the trekking trails in this area, which crosses the slopes of high mountains to show stunning views. After about 25 km, this route leads to a famous summer place in Tonekabon called Aghuz-hal.


The first half of the trekking is at the foot of high mountains and therefore has a semi-forested atmosphere. In some parts of the route, large and lush pastures can be seen, and in other parts, thin forests. But the same feature of all the route is to be at a high altitude so that you can walk above the clouds along the entire route.


In the middle of the route there is a summer called “Barg-e Sar” which is also one of the sights of Mazandaran province. The small cottages are located at a great distance from each other and a dense forest can be seen downstream of the village.


The village of Barg-e-Sar also has no access, and all residents have to travel approximately 2 hours to reach the road. There is a dense and beautiful forest after the leaves up to Aghuz-hal summer, which is actually the end of the trail. The main route is downhill and eventually leads to several small huts known as Aghuzhal. Aghuzhal is not a big summer and it is mostly famous for having a cafe on the way. Aghuzhal summer is still a long way from the city and it takes about an hour on road.


Lak-Tarashan to Aghuzhal trekking is a professional and difficult, and for this reason, it is necessary for only people with high physical fitness to see it. Also, due to the lack of amenities and shopping facilities, it is necessary to carry all the necessities of at least 2 days.


Mehdi Gholami.

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