Laton Waterfall

Darband Rashi Cave, Gilan, Iran
Darband Rashi Cave
October 2, 2020
Babak Fort, Babak Castle
Babak Castle
October 2, 2020

Laton Waterfall

Laton Waterfall Forest
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Gilan is one of the important tourism provinces of Iran, which with its many ancient and natural monuments, is a priority for domestic and foreign travelers. This vast province, due to its different climates, has natural monuments and various attractions, and for this reason, it has a lot of potential in the field of nature tourism.


In the west of Gilan province and in the neighborhood of Ardabil province, there is one of the tall and beautiful waterfalls in Iran, which attracts many enthusiasts with a different view from many other waterfalls in this land. This waterfall is located near a village called “Kote Komeh” 20 km south of Astara. The access road to Laton Falls is a road that is unsuitable for cars and must be taken by truck. From the end of the road to the waterfall, there is a relatively easy walk of about half an hour, which eventually leads to the bottom of the waterfall, and from this point you can see the beautiful view of the waterfall. The path to climb the waterfall is difficult and only suitable for climbers.


Laton is a tall waterfall and its water flows down from a vertical wall. This water flows slowly before reaching the bottom of the waterfall in the part where the slope of the wall decreases. The volume of water of Laton waterfall is not high and in this respect it is not considered as one of the big and watery waterfalls, but due to its high altitude, it is one of the tallest waterfalls in Iran.


In addition to the village of “Kote Komeh”, another access route to this waterfall starts from a lake called Soha on the border of Ardabil and Gilan provinces. This route is difficult and long, but due to the unique natural landscapes, it is of interest to mountaineers and nature lovers, and many people who are interested in visiting this waterfall, take this long route with great pleasure. The walk from Lake Soha to Laton Falls requires a full day, and due to the lack of amenities along the way, it is necessary to have all the equipment and supplies.


Mehdi Gholami.

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