Darband Rashi Cave

Dorfak Forest, Gilan, Iran
Dorfak Forest
October 2, 2020
Laton Waterfall Forest
Laton Waterfall
October 2, 2020

Darband Rashi Cave

Darband Rashi Cave, Gilan, Iran
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Caves are among the tourist attractions, especially in the field of nature and adventure activities, which have their own fans due to the great excitement. In Iran, due to the large number of caves discovered, this activity is done completely professionally and under the supervision of the Mountaineering Federation. Of course, most of the caves explored by cavers are pristine and out of reach of people. Meanwhile, caves that are less difficult to enter and visit are more popular and attract more enthusiasts.



Gilan province, in addition to many natural attractions such as forests and waterfalls, is also of special importance in terms of the existence of caves. There are many known caves in this province, some of which are easy to visit and people with any level of readiness can enjoy seeing them.



Darband Rashi Cave is one of these cases which has created a beautiful and unique atmosphere by being located in a pristine and out of reach place. This cave is located on a high wall and overlooks a wide valley, so the view from inside the cave is different from many other caves.




This cave is not deep and there is a short distance from the entrance to the end of the cave. This factor, along with the large opening, makes it unnecessary to use a flashlight to enter and visit the cave. The space inside the cave lacks the usual decorations of the caves and there are no traces of sediments and sediment abstracts inside.



The access route to Darband Rashi Cave is not difficult and it can be reached with a short walk of about half an hour that can be passed by almost everyone. This route passes through low trees with a unique view of a wide and deep valley. This cave is located near a village called “Si Dasht” which is located about 20 km from the city of Totkabon.



There are no amenities near the cave and the access road to it, and it is necessary to bring all the necessities of travel.


Mehdi Gholami.

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